Yang Quantum Chemistry Laboratory @ HKU.Chem

Jun Yang, PI
Assistant Professor

Before joining HKU as Assistant Professor, Jun had appointments as Lecturer and Professional Specialist in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. He taught several classes, from freshman accelerated quanutm chemistry, junior level quantum world, to graduate level quantum mechanics. In 2009-2013, he was a postdoctoral research associate with Prof. Garnet Chan at Cornell and Princeton Universities, where he worked on many-body quantum chemistry methods with high predictive power. Before moving to USA, Jun spent five years in Germany for its long tradition of excellence in quantum chemistry, where he pursued his deep interests in electronic structure theory. He earned Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry with honor (mit Auszeichnung) at University of Cologne with Prof. Michael Dolg under a graudate fellowship of German Science Foundation (DFG). Following graduation, Jun received DFG research fellowship to join the Priority Program "Modern and Universal First-principles Methods for Many-electron Systems in Chemistry and Physics" with Prof. Christof Hättig at Ruhr University Bochum. Interestingly, Jun started as experimental chemist for his BSc./MSc. theses in molecular spectroscopy at Peking University.

Graduate Students

Ziyong Chen

Email:  u3005466@hku.hk
Tel:      +852 3917 6082
Room: HOC 411
  • BSc, first class honours, City University of Hong Kong, China
  • Major: chemistry; minor: mathematics
  • Summer research scholarship (2015)
  • CityU-Mainland student scholarship (2012-15)

Rajat Walia

Email:  rajat@connect.hku.hk
Tel:      +852 3917 6082
Room: HOC 411
  • MSc/BSc, first division honours, Banaras Hindu Unversity, India 
  • Major: chemistry with physics and mathematics
  • INSPIRE (DST 2011, India)

Jing Lin

Email: u3005560@connect.hku.hk
Tel:      +852 3917 6082
Room: HOC 411
  • BSc, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Capstone Students

Ruiyi Zhou

Tsz Lok Ng

Tiancong Yang

Former Members

Brian Tse​​

Zhaohe You